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Kimi Katkar co-created Tehelka with Jumma Chumma, he knows what he’s doing now from the movies

Kimi Katkar debuts in Bollywood with “Patthar Dil” (file image)

Actress Kimi Katkar became famous with the song ‘Jumma Chumma’ with Amitabh Bachchan. Despite being successful, Kimi moved away from the movies.

New Delhi: Kimi Katkar was one of the famous actresses of the 80s and 90s. At the time, it was very popular with people because of its bold and charming appearance. After achieving success, the actress suddenly distanced herself from the films. Today, he is completely away from the film world and lives with his family. Some time ago, some of his photos became viral on the internet, which can be difficult for anyone to detect.

Kimi debuted in 1985 in his acting play with the film “Pathar Dil”. He started the movie. He worked with Amitabh Bachchan on the film Hum in 1991. This movie made him very famous. It caused panic with the film’s popular ‘Jumma Chumma’ song. From this song, “Jumma Jumma” became famous as a girl. Kimi became a topic of debate among people by giving bold scenes in the film “The Adventure of Tarzan”.

(file photo)

During his short career, Kimi worked with top stars in Bollywood. She was a successful actress. Still, he was disappointed in the cinema. According to media reports, Kimi was injured because the heroine was given less importance than the hero. He did not like this distinction and demarcated the industry. After moving away from the film industry, the actress married Shantanu Shourie, who is known for making commercials outside of photographers. The actress is the mother of a son and is completely happy in her family life today.Let’s say Kimi has entered the movies from the model world. She started modeling at the age of 17. He worked with all the great actors of the 80s and 90s, but I really liked his pairing with Govind. They could be seen together in many movies.


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