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Annu Kapoor said about sharing celebrity vacation photos – showing her ornate plate to the hungry

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Annu Kapoor said: “Those who have facilities are rich can go for a walk. You’re going, I won’t stop you. they mumble. Don’t post your photos while vacationing in foreign locations while much of the world is suffering from the Covid-19 epidemic.

Mumbai. The whole country is at war with the second wave of the Corona virus. In most states, disruption of the chain of infection has been introduced for blocking. At the close, the livelihood crisis arose before lower middle-class families and daily earners. The health care system and medical care seem helpless and helpless before the epidemic. In most parts of the country, they are asking for help to save their loved ones. Many have questioned the role of celebrities in helping people when they need it, because some actors in the film industry roam and share photos of their vacations in such situations. Earlier in April, Annu Kapoor called on Bollywood actors not to post pictures of their celebrations on social media as the country struggles with a crisis. In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, he spoke about Annu Kapoor’s tweet, where he asked rich and famous people not to take pictures of their holidays. He wrote in a tweet: “Those who have facilities are rich and privileged to walk around. You’re going, I won’t stop you. they mumble. He shows his fancy plate in front of the hungry. We know you can afford it. We know you are rich. We know you have a good body, but besides, what else can you show off, but it doesn’t look good. The German word for this is “kitsch,” which means art that shows a bad test; When your mouth tastes bad. So I made it clear that whatever you want to do, I don’t object to that, those who have money will leave. I’m not preventing you from doing this, I’m preventing you from showing it. Before that, Shobhaa De and Shruti Haasan were also wrong when they posted photos celebrating the celebration of celebrities.

Post: Annu Kapoor.

Annu Kapoor wrote in a tweet: “I humbly call on rich and famous people and the media from all walks of life not to post their pictures while on holiday in foreign places while much of the world is epidemic. Why should anyone burn the stench of workers?


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